March News


Hope you’re doing well at the close of this month of March.

It’s certainly been a busy one for me. Just got back from performing at Yackandandah Folk Festival last night where I played with the lovely Liz Frencham on double bass and sang harmonies for the beautiful Ange Takats who always puts a smile on my face with her cheeky sense of humour.

Had a nice glass half full thing happen on my way to a house concert in Canberra that I’d like to share with you all. There we were on the highway driving at speed when my trusty old Toyota Steed began to overheat and we were forced to stop at the side of the road. Mind you, this was just in time for a huge thunder and hail storm to roll in reminding us that we were indeed stranded on a stormy highway. The NRMA confirmed that my radiator was busted and it was going to cost half a grand to get fixed. At that point we had less than an hour to get to the concert at which I was to perform but somehow we made it. That night at the concert a bucket went round to donate a token appreciation fee for the music and within the night I had more than enough money to fix my broken radiator and get back on the road. My radiator could have chosen anytime to break, but it broke when I had friends to help me and a way of instantly paying for the expense. That’s what I call good luck!

The album is coming along nicely, not much to do now… But if you’d like to hear songs from it, as well as some old favourites, and also to hear the beautiful Vanessa Forbes and her band play songs from her new album Love Letters From The Universe, then come along to 505 this Saturday the 29th of March. It will be a special night.

Leaving you with a quote from someone not so famous but wise none the less – My lovely house mate Laura Egan. She said…
“ Hold life lightly “ – It’s something I need to remind myself when I start sweating the small stuff.

Some of you may have tried to return an email to me with the previous newsletter and had them sent back to you. I’ve now fixed this problem so please feel free to email me back as I love getting news from everyone.

Thanks for reading
And until next time
🙂 Miriam