May Newsletter


Dear friends,
Once again I’m only just sliding in there with my May newsletter before the month turns over!

I’ll start with the biggest news… The new album Birds of the Moon is finally Complete!! It’s been a wonderful process and I really can’t wait for you all to hear it when it’s launched at the beginning of August!

The other big news is that I have a brand spanking new website with lots of pics, music and info for you to see….
Hopefully it will be up by the time you open this mail.. If not please check back in a day or two and it will be.

My work is by no means done on the new album as it still needs to be pressed, and I need to get a bit of a media campaign going which means lots of time on the computer trying to spread the word or rather the song in this case

The album will be available online from August 2nd and distributed through MGM. It will be available through my website, on Itunes and at all good music stores!

To coincide with the release of the album I’ll be doing a national tour as a trio ( with wonderful players Kate Adams on cello and Lara Goodridge on violin) as well as special guests..

Tour dates are still being secured but you will find many of them in the listing below including an ALBUM RELEASE PARTY AT CAMELOT LOUNGE in Sydney on Saturday the 2nd of August so please SAVE THE DATE!

Meanwhile I’ve spent the last week or so doing a solo tour of North Queensland. I’m doing gigs and workshops along the beautiful coastline from Cairns to Kuranda to Mission Beach.. Tonight I took the ferry with all my instruments and gear in tow across to beautiful Magnetic Island for a concert. The last gig of the tour is a house concert on Sunday with the Townsville Folk Club before finally flying back home..

It’s been a wonderful time so far. I’ve been received with such openheartedness and generosity by the communities up here and enjoyed the warmth of sunshine and sea. Aside from the gigs Ive had an underwater adventure on the barrier reef swimming past a giant turtle and incredible coral formations, walked through rainforest, enjoyed bonfires on the beach accompanied by ukulele jams and swum in a pristine waterhole covered by green ferns from the rainforest canopy. You could say that it’s little tours like this one that make me really realise how lucky I am do be doing something that I love- Making and sharing music, traveling and meeting people from all over and through this having many open up and share the stories of their own lives. In short the last two weeks have been as inspiring as ever …

I wont be doing any gigs for the next little while before the album launch as I’d like to save it all for when the album comes out.

Thanks so much for reading. I’d love to hear your own news as well as any feedback you might have on the new website so write to me if you feel inspired to do so.

Leaving you with a quote from an insightful writer from the past…
“ Forever is composed of nows” -Emily Dickinson