Mama Creatives – Mothers Day Celebration

Miriam will be performing a short set, before writer and Comedian Katie Little as part of the event hosted by mama creatives.

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We are thrilled to be hosting our annual Mother’s Day Celebration, which will focus on the the whole gamut of being a creative mother.

Our featured presenter is the incredible Katie Little, comedian and published author of ‘Catch a Falling Star’ about life growing up with her celebrity mother Jeanne Little, and the impact of loosing her iconic mother to Alzheimer’s.

We are also thrilled that award winning singer-songwriter Miriam Lieberman will be sharing her beautiful voice with us.

This will be a night to remember. You will be entertained, inspired and moved. We also have great giveaways, take home gifts and more surprises so you feel loved up for Mother’s Day.


Katie is a writer, comedian and stage mother. Her first book, ‘Catch A Falling Star – A Story About Growing Up with Jeanne Little’ has been an instant success, a quirky, laugh-out-loud memoir reliving her 80s childhood behind the scenes of TV, which also shares openly the impact on her family of loosing her iconic mother to Alzheimer’s.

Katie’s writing style has been compared to memoirist heavyweight Clive James, and acclaimed philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck once commended her blog as ‘similar to my own thinking’.

She writes about the precarious mental balancing act of living in the Anthropocene and promises after reading her stuff, ‘you’ll start to feel better about life, either that or you won’t feel quite so alone’. She uses black humour to cut through people’s preconceived ideas and loves challenging accepted norms of behaviour.

Katie lives in Sydney with her three children – Tom Poulton, La La and Hunter and is grateful they are nearly all old enough to understand sarcasm. Occasionally she also lives with her husband, landscape photographer Timothy Poulton, but they keep their laundry separate.

Like her mother Australian icon Jeanne Little who inherited the family ‘gift’ for tea leaf reading, Katie is obsessed with numerology which she has nicknamed ‘human sudoku’, and moonlights as a tarot reader in her spare time.

You can follow Katie M Little and her family at

Join her conversations on Facebook Katie Little or Twitter @LittleFamilyOz

In 1974 Jeanne Little burst into the living rooms of millions of households across Australia with her first appearance on The Mike Walsh Show – audiences didn’t know what hit them! With incredible outfits, false eyelashes and a raucous voice that screamed ‘Hello Daaaaaaahling!’, Jeanne was an instant sensation and won the Gold Logie for Most Popular TV Personality two years later.

Go back to 1980’s Australia, to the days of Betamax, Bob Hawke and shoulder pads, before smart phones and breathalysers, when Big Macs came in styrofoam boxes and the only environmental crisis was a hole in the ozone layer. Flash forward to 2010 and Jeanne’s name hits the headlines again – this time with the shocking revelation that she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a disease affecting an estimated almost 50 million people worldwide. With her mother in fast decline and her family in crisis, it is up to Katie to take the reigns.

‘CATCH A FALLING STAR’ will take you on a journey that is both laugh-out-loud funny, heartbreakingly honest, and a rare glimpse into the personal life of one of Australia’s most beloved celebrity families.

This award-winning singer-songwriter performs mostly on kora – African Harp. Her songs are lifted by the soaring strings and luscious vocal harmonies of violinists Lara Goodridge and Susie Bishop. Infusing her love of nature, and West African rhythms into her songs, they inspire a feeling of bold wanderlust.

Rhythms magazine describes album Full Circle as “A thing of intoxicating beauty” (Nov 2016), while ABC chose Birds Of The Moon (Nov 2014) as Album Of The Week on Radio National.

She has toured extensively both nationally and internationally including at festivals in Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Mali, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.


Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and everything in between. *May cause a riot*