Miriam Lieberman solo set ( supporting ) new EP by Lenka Kripak

Don’t miss Lenka on her Australian tour to support her forthcoming twin EP Recover/Discover!

Lenka is an Australian singer/songwriter, formerly of the critically acclaimed band Decoder Ring, who has been releasing solo albums and touring worldwide for the last decade. She is best know for her songs The Show, Trouble Is A Friend and Everything At Once, which have all had wide international success, especially in the world of film and TV placements. For this show Lenka and band will be revisiting her early work as well as playing new songs and covers from the twin EPs.’

“Lenka’s gentle tone wraps snugly around folk electronic minimalism and flirts with far grander, sweeping pop… Blue skied optimism, fragments of world beat fun, all bouncy and up-beat, glossy and positive.” Jonny Nail, Rolling Stone, 2017.