Miriam Lieberman Trio: Birthday Bash

Miriam and her trio have been busy touring their latest acclaimed album release ‘Full Circle’ around the country and are back home to celebrate another year on the Planet for Miriam with songs from the new album, other favs and special guests

Rhythms magazine described the new album Full Circle as “ A thing of intoxicating beauty “ (Nov 2016 )

Having spent long periods of time studying with greats in West Africa, Miriam writes and performs mostly on the kora – her signature 21 stringed West African harp, to which she brings her own contemporary Western- ed pop sensibilities and her powerful, unmistakable voice.

With songs reminiscent of the early work of Joni Mitchell infused with rhythms of Africa, the lush vocal harmonies and string parts of violinist Lara Goodridge (FourPlay/Baby et Lulu) and cellist Kate Adams open out the music to a soaring beautiful soundscape.

With the new album Full Circle Lieberman and trio have seamlessly fused the lilting harmonies of the kora – a 21-stringed West African Harp – with classical strings and a western folk/pop sensibility.

The result is a beautiful, exotic musical journey from Sydney’s seascapes to the bustling streets of Mali and beyond. Lieberman’s rich, soulful voice takes listeners through an exploration of love, feminism and the different shades of human experience.