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The Miriam Lieberman Trio

Playing with Miriam Lieberman as the Trio will be Sydney violinist Lara Goodridge and from Melbourne but originally from Wollongong Liz Frencham on the double base.

This year’s highlights for Miriam have been The Woodford  and The National Folk Festivals. Miriam has travelled in Africa, India, and Europe where she has immersed herself in their cultural and music traditions.

Miriam Lieberman’s music seamlessly blends these country’s influences with blues and folk-infused melodies.

Her songs are a collection of stories beautifully told through strings, harmonies, and her unmistakable voice.

Miriam is well known for her mastery of the kora (21-stringed West African harp) as well as acoustic guitar, as a Trio with Lara and Liz you can expect beautiful string arrangements and lush vocal harmonies.

“Miriam Lieberman is something of a renaissance woman ……somehow she achieves the almost impossible in blending patterned western-ed pop writing with the earthy mystique of African rhythms and freaky world instruments.” Sydney City News.

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Performing with Lara Goodridge and Liz Frencham along with a special concert with the