Having sung on stage since the age of eight, currently for her own band, theatre company Gongoma and West African groove band Keyim Ba, Miriam is a seasoned vocalist. She has studied traditional music and voice for extended periods in West Africa, South India and Latin America. Miriam has gathered songs and vocal techniques from all over the world applying them to her own music and vocal sound. As well as in schools, Miriam has run vocal workshops at many festivals including Fairbridge, Music on Magnetic island, ichiki peace festival in Japan as well as art centres.

Miriam’s dynamic teaching style incorporates body and vocal warm ups, as well as simple songs from around the world. Amongst the teaching repertoire are West African call and response songs, ancient Hebrew psalms and classical Indian vocal warm ups to name a few. Sing out loud and enjoy connecting to the oldest and most innate instrument – your human voice!

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Having released three albums of predominantly self written compositions and been nominated for song writing awards, Miriam is a highly experienced song writer. Miriam has spoken about the art of song writing on festival panels and lead song writing courses at several music festivals including The Daylsford singers festival, Fairbridge folk festival and Music on magnetic island. Miriam also has over a decades experience in a teaching role.

In her dynamic workshops she will lead you through a series of hands on warm ups, word plays and simple chord progression techniques to get your inner songwriter out.

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