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"Birds of the Moon is a soulful collection of stories, beautifully told through strings, African kora and Lieberman’s unmistakable voice.


The stories speak of Lieberman’s musical journey, which has taken her from Mali, where she studied the kora – A west-African harp with a beautiful, evocative tone – to central India, and South America. These places have left an imprint on Lieberman’s musical style, but Birds of the Moon, her fourth album, has a catchiness and contemporary tone that is entirely her own, travelling in mood from the sinister beauty of the Indian city of Varanasi, to a Mexican love story, to the bright hope of dawn.


Melded perfectly with Lieberman’s warm, sensual voice are the cello, violin and rich vocal harmonies of Kate Adams (Naked without my Cello/ Tantrum Fantasy) and Lara Goodridge (Baby et Lulu/Four play) The trio, which will be touring the album following release, have an irresistible musical chemistry, blending the kora, western strings and vocal harmonies, which soar into the sublime at moments of musical climax."


- The Flying Saucer Club

Birds of the Moon - CD

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