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'Power of the Imagination' Gazette Story

Unconventional singer-songwriter Miriam Lieberman will be launching her new single, Infinite We Are, at the Hydro Majestic ballroom on Saturday, May 15 from 7pm. Hydro show: Miriam Lieberman and her trio perform in Medlow Bath.

Infinite We Are is a beautiful track and the first taste of Lieberman's upcoming album Just Transforming, created during the tumultuous year of 2020. The album, out on May 28, was produced and recorded by Mountains local Josh Schuberth in Faulconbridge.

Speaking about the inspiration behind Infinite We Are, Lieberman said: "This song is about the power of imagination. It's about sharing our dreams, stories and imaginings as a way to go beyond our own limitations, and the benefit of dreaming."

The songs on Just Transforming feel like lullabies as the antidote to the stresses of modern daily life. They are meant to be experienced live, with a unique line-up of strings and African harp plus gorgeous three-part harmonies from Lieberman's trio.

The show is at the Hydro on May 15 from 7pm. Tickets $35 from

May 5th 2021


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