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Voted by The Guardian amongst the best Australian albums of 2021

Just Transforming was voted as one of the best Australian albums relelased in 2021 by The Guardian Australia. Read the full article HERE

“Not since Deborah Conway crooned “it’s only the beginning “ has an Australian singer made optimism sound so dizzyingly effortless. In a year that was short on both hope and travel, Miriam Lieberman’s sixth album is a sonic reminder that the world keeps turning - all lilting folk tunes overlaid with sprightly Kora (West African harp) playful strings and dreamy three part harmonies as though Joni Mitchel and Paul Simon had convened in a Bamako back street. Children come into the world (Song for Lior - a heart melting lullaby to her newborn son ). Others face their final chapter ( the title track Just Transforming) and the open road beckons ( the exultant Last Night)” Janine Israel “ - Monday 20th December 2021


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